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Mobile Projects
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Photo Printing(Android)
The application allows the end user to select a series of photos for printing on Android phones. The user will use the application to search a suitable Wi-Fi printer and then print the selected photos. The user will have some control as to how the photo will be printed.for example,the user will be able to request the specific media and the number of copies.

Photo Editor(Android)
Photo Editor is a simple editor for Android phones. Users can add several simple image effects,such as converting to B&W or transparent,and zoom-in/zoom-out. Besides, it also allows text entry and editing on pictures. Last but not least, usets can share their pictures by MMS, email and Bluthtooth.

GPS Project(BlackBerry)
This Project migrates an existing GPS application from Window Mobile Platform to BlackBerry.
The application,which allows users to collect location based data from handheld device and upload them real time using Wifi or mobile networks.
Besides,user can design customized forms on the handheld to collect data for different applications.

Application for Oil Fields(J2ME)
Designed and implemented an oil field mobile application to facilitate oil well monitoring. It allows oil field workforce to input /retrieve live oil field information using mobile devices. With this implementation it will improved the out-field worker’s’ efficiency by more than 30% and allows their top management to access the data instantaneously anywhere via GPRS/CDMA 1X network. A similar application was developed for a Provincial Power Company.

Mobile Survey(J2ME)
Designed and developed a web/mobile based solution for market research industry. We developed a market survey application using WAP and J2ME that can run on any mobile phones.
This platform can host multiple surveys simultaneously for different clients. Results are tabulated automatically in much shorter turn-around time than the traditional survey. The result is a tremendous cost savings for our client.

PDF Reader(iPhone)
This application is mainly designed to read PDF documents. It has the functionalities such as: read device PDF documents, load document bookmark, zoom contents , search contents, flip content, receive user settings, etc.
PDF Content Search Engine
Render Optimize
Memory Manage
PDF Content Parser Engine

GetView enables iPhone users search and watch Internet-videos in real-time. Users can also download videos to their iPhone. GetView supports download suspend and resume. Our solution consists of a robust transcoding engine and a flexible video delivery mechanism that enables users to watch videos in various viewing modes optimized for their iPhone.